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Our Opinion:

Visible Wireless throws down the gauntlet with its single, stripped-down plan: unlimited data, calls, and texts for a jaw-dropping $25 per month which can be $20 per month for 24 months with code VISIBLE24. Is it the mobile party of the century, or a flash-in-the-pan gimmick? Let’s break it down:


    • Verizon Network Coverage: You tap into Verizon’s stellar network, boasting near-ubiquitous coverage and top-notch 5G speeds in many areas.
    • Truly Unlimited Data: No data caps, throttling, or sneaky fees. Stream, game, and binge to your heart’s content (within reason, see Cons).
    • Simple Pricing: One plan, one price. No confusing tiers or add-ons to nickel-and-dime you.
    • Party Pay: Join a group of up to four lines and watch the price plummet to $25 per line. Great for families or budget-minded friends.
    • BYOP Friendly: Rock your compatible phone. No need to buy a new one unless you crave the latest tech.
    • Hotspot Included: 5GB of mobile hotspot data is yours to share.


    • Party Tyme, Priority Line: During times of network congestion, your data might get deprioritized compared to Verizon’s traditional customers. Think rush hour on the digital highway.
    • No Family Perks: No free lines, Disney+, or other bundled goodies you might see with major carriers.
    • Basic App and Website: Don’t expect a bells-and-whistles customer service experience. It’s all chat-based, and some users find it less than stellar.
    • No International Roaming: Staycation vibes only, folks. Unless you want to add separate international plans.


Visible’s Unlimited Plan is a game-changer for heavy data users on a budget, especially if you can snag the Party Pay discount. Verizon’s coverage is hard to beat, and the lack of data caps is liberating. However, be prepared for potential slowdowns during peak times and a bare-bones customer service experience.


If you prioritize sheer data volume and affordability, and aren’t fazed by a slightly rough-around-the-edges service, Visible is worth a serious look. Just don’t expect the white-glove treatment or VIP access to the data buffet.