tello Full Review

Initial Offer
$12.50/1st mo.
Data Cap
35 GB / month
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Our Opinion:

Tello: The Build-Your-Own Champion Steps into the Ring

Tello isn’t your typical carrier. It’s more like a mobile mixologist, letting you craft a plan that perfectly fits your needs. Let’s dissect this unique contender:


  • DIY Delight: Build your own plan with customizable data, talk, and text options. You pay only for what you use, avoiding data bloat.
  • Incredibly Affordable: Prices start shockingly low, making Tello a dream for budget warriors.
  • Bring Your Own Phone: No fancy device contracts here. Unleash your inner techie and use your preferred phone.
  • No Contracts, No Worries: Prepaid freedom lets you adjust your plan or leave whenever you please.
  • Surprise! Bonus Features: Mobile hotspot and international calling are available as add-ons, giving you flexibility.


  • Data Deluge Danger Zone: Tello doesn’t technically have a data cap, but speeds can crawl after you use a significant amount (amount varies by plan).
  • Limited Customer Service: Mostly online support can feel impersonal for some. In-person options are scarce.
  • BYOP Caveats: Ensure your phone is T-Mobile compatible before diving in.


Tello is the underdog with a knockout punch for budget-conscious users who crave control. The build-your-own approach and flexibility are fantastic. However, be mindful of the potential data slowdown and the reliance on online support.


Tello rocks for users who are comfortable managing their data usage and prioritize affordability. If you crave extensive customer service or unlimited data with guaranteed high speeds, another contender might be a better match. Remember, it’s about finding the plan that fits your fight style!