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Metro by T-Mobile Unlimited: The Value Warrior with a Speed Jab

Metro by T-Mobile throws its hat in the ring with a budget-friendly unlimited plan, but a hidden speed right hook might catch you off guard. Let’s break down this contender:


  • Value Champion: Metro delivers serious bang for your buck, offering unlimited talk, text, and data at a competitive price point.
  • Unlimited (but with a Twist): Enjoy unlimited data for most things, but video streaming is typically capped to standard definition (480p) unless you add a premium option.
  • T-Mobile’s Network: Leverage T-Mobile’s growing network, known for its speed and reach in many areas.
  • BYOP Friendly: Bring your own unlocked phone or choose from a selection of affordable devices at Metro.
  • Prepaid Freedom: No contracts, so you can switch plans or leave anytime without commitment.
  • Global Calling Options: Add international calling features to stay connected across borders (additional cost).


  • Speed Shuffle: After exceeding a certain amount of data usage (amount varies), your data speeds might be deprioritized during times of network congestion. Basically, you might experience slower speeds compared to other users.
  • Video Stream Jab: Standard definition video streaming is the norm, with HD an additional cost. Consider this if you’re a video streaming enthusiast.
  • Customer Service Crossbody: Customer service can be a mixed bag. Online options are readily available, but in-store experiences may vary depending on location.


Metro by T-Mobile Unlimited is a solid value play, offering a budget-friendly way to stay connected. However, be mindful of the potential speed slowdown during peak usage and the standard definition video streaming unless you upgrade.


Metro by T-Mobile Unlimited is a great choice for budget-conscious users who prioritize affordability and don’t mind standard definition video streaming. However, if consistent high speeds or top-notch customer service are dealbreakers, you might want to consider a different contender. Remember, find the plan that best suits your data usage and priorities!