Boost Mobile Full Review

Initial Offer
$12.50/1st mo.
Data Cap
30 GB / month
Link to Order

Our Opinion:

Boost Mobile’s Unlimited Plan punches like a champion in the budget ring, but a sneaky data quirk might leave you with a wobbly chin. Let’s throw some jabs in this review:


    • King of Value: Starting at $25 per month, Boost delivers serious bang for your buck. That’s half the price of some big-name rivals!
    • Truly Unlimited (Mostly): Enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data without the usual data caps (except for that one…we’ll get to it).
    • Network Choice: Pick your poison: T-Mobile’s robust coverage or AT&T’s nationwide reach, depending on your location.
    • Bring Your Own Phone: Dust off your trusty device or snag a new one at Boost’s discount shop.
    • No Contracts, No Drama: Prepaid freedom! Switch plans or cancel anytime without any pesky commitment chains.
    • International Calling Options: Add affordable international calling plans if you stay connected across borders.


    • Data Dethronement After 30GB: Here’s the quirk. After you devour 30GB of data in a month, your speeds might be reduced to dial-up levels. Ouch.
    • Hotspot Hiccups: No Hotspot data is included on the $25/plan
    • Customer Service Conundrum: Online support is your main route, which can be a maze for some. In-store options are limited.
    • Taxes and Fees: Prepare for some extra fees on top of the base price, depending on your location.


Boost Mobile’s Unlimited Plan is a budget beast, offering incredible value and flexibility. But that 30B data limit hangs like a phantom punch, potentially slowing down your victory lap. If you’re a moderate data user or can manage within the limit, Boost is a champion. But if you’re a data-gobbling Goliath, you might need a plan with more stamina.


Boost Mobile’s Unlimited Plan is a solid contender for budget-conscious users with moderate data needs. Just be mindful of the data threshold and weigh your usage before you throw your hat in the ring. It’s all about finding the plan that matches your fighting style!